What is IPTV?

Today in the age of technology, you can see several ways by which TV material can be furnished these days. One of the best systems is to introduce to make a huge influence is IPTV. The name specifies, IPTV, known as Internet Protocol Television, is formed throughout the use of Internet Protocol and it the service is likely to be used in synchronizing with the telecommunications with which broadband connections are used extensively, any service which bring packet data can be used.

How do i subscribe and use your IPTV service ?

To subscribe you need to choose one of our IPTV plans according to your needs, after purchasing you will receive the necessary information to activate your IPTV. Or you can request a free trial, after a few minutes you get the login information, if you like the service, you subscribe and keep the same login information. In both cases, our support will accompany you until the server is running on your device successfully

What devices do you support ?

We support all kind of devices such as: MAG, Android Smart Phone, IOS, Android Boxes, Enigma, DreamBox, Vu+ (…), PC, VLC, Kodi/XBMC (…), Smart TV.

What are the payment methods ?

We accept credit card and Paypal payments

How does it go after paying my iptv subscription?

One of our agent will contact you by email or WhatsApp within a maximum of 15 minutes after your payment. Our support will accompany you step by step until you run the server on your device

How Many Channel do I Get?

Tv Premium Provides around 19000+ live TV channel, Including all paid channels. Moreover, you will get more than 100,000+ VODS including TV Series & Movies.

Do I need satellite for using IPTV?

No, you will connect to IPTV Premium servers via Internet and you don’t need satellite equipments.

Can I get Local Channels?

Yes, indeed you can, you will find the complete list of channels by visiting our "channels List" section

How it Works?

1- Select Subscription or package: 12 months, 6 months ...
2- Pay via credit card or Paypal
3- After Payment your IPTV Logins & Config details will be instantly & Automatically generated
4-Our team will contact you to direct you and provide you with the necessary information to run the server on your device